About Vlinde

Our past, Philosophy and Future

Our Team

We are a multicultural Team with diverse properties and interests. However, what we all have in common is our team spirit, fun at work and the motivation to pursue unknown paths.

Our philosophy

We think, that only a harmonious team is a good team. That´s why we renounce to strict hierarchies, and prefer employees, who we can friends with, even after work. These are most important things for us at Vlinde:

  • Team Spirit
  • A good working Atmosphere
  • Respectful Treatment with each other

Our goals

Your satisfaction

Your satisfaction is not just a goal, it is THE goal. We achieve this by enjoying the work we do. It is also the reason why we invest a huge share of our profits into new tools that improve your satisfaction even more.

Expanding the business

Of course we want to fascinate more people with our ideas! A further expansion is necessary, and the mobile apps sector needs to be further strengthened

We take over responsibility

It is important for your company to be able to rely on Vlinde's services. We're able to provide you with German quality internet engineering for competitively priced rates.

Company History

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein

  1. 2018
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    Wir unterstützen

    Wir leisten unseren Beitrag zur Gesellschaft und unterstützen die Arbeit des Isnyer O.B.A. e.V.
    Außerdem sind wir stolz darauf, dass alle unsere Fahrzeuge vollständig CO2-neutral unterwegs sind.

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    Neue Themenfelder

    Wir erschließen uns neue Themen, welche sowohl im Consumer- wie auch im B2B-Bereich stark an Bedeutung gewinnen. Hierzu zählt künstliche Intelligenz, Big Data, Kryptowährungen, VR und AR. Sprechen Sie uns darauf an!

  4. 2017
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    Cloud und automatisierte Services

    Eine neue eigene Cloud, ein selbst gehosteter Gitserver und neue automatisierte Services für Kunden mit dem Sie Services und Informationen wie Rechnungen einfacher verwalten können.

  6. 2016
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    Neues Servicetool für alle Kunden

    One year ago, we started developing a tool, that enables our clients to organize their data and submit feedback in a much more convenient way, using our new SaaS (Software as a Service), available now for alpha testers.

  8. 2015
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    Entire new office equipment

    With the rising requirements for Vlinde, the need for more professional, standardized equipment rose. Therefore, the entire office was refurbished with new equipment to meet clients expectations even better.

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    Referring clients

    In order to express our appreciation for our clients, who referred to us positively to new clients, we started our referral programm, that rewards and promotes these companies.

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    Framework standards

    As a forward-looking company, it was an important step for us to choose on the development frameworks most suitable for our clients needs, such as Laravel, Vue.JS, Elastic and Ionic, and to specialize on them.

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    New quality assurance standards

    In order to ensure an even higher level of quality assurance for our clients, we added and improved a high number of criteria

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    New development office

    Die direkt zur Vlinde GmbH gehörige Entwicklungsabteilung bekommt endlich neue Bürogebäude.

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    Restructuring the company

    In order to give our future targets a more professional background, we restructured the company and formed a GmbH.

  15. 2014
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    The first fulltime developer

    To get further knowledge in the company, to promote our own projects, and to be able to accept more orders, Friedrich hires the first fulltime developer.

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    First expansion

    These present themselves as very ambitious, so that Friedrich is looking for more fellows. At first mainly friends join Friedrich´s plan, but soon he makes use of his contacts, so he can also look for fellows at international level.

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    How it all began..

    The project homepage.builders is started in March 2014 as a small company. Meaning and purpose of this company is the promotion of various projects and the design and development of small and medium sized websites.

The Beginning